• Someone must have been a member for at least 6 months.
  • A member must have enough savings and funds to prove his loan repayment.
  • Interest rates apply as per selected loan product.
  • A member can apply for a top up loan after servicing an existing loan for at least 6 months.
  • All conditions of the different loan products applied for must be fulfilled by a member
  • Guarantor who must be a member of the Society.


Payments can be made at the Society Offices or to the bank accounts below;

Head Office

Account Name: Uganda Agridept CS & CS LTD

Account No.: 9030005841835

Bank: Stanbic

Branch: Metro



Mukono Branch

Account Name: Agridept Coop. Savings and Credit

Account No.: 9030005871025

Bank: Stanbic

Branch: Mukono Branch

Masaka Branch

Account Name. Uganda Agridept CS & CS LTD

Account No. 30100024940

Bank: Centenary

Branch: Masaka Branch

NOTE: Please endeavor to send a scanned copy of your bank slip to agrideptcscs@gmail.com


The disbursement is made at our offices by cash and cheque depending on the amount of money.


Members with regular savings account can withdraw money any time. Fill a savings withdrawal form and submit for assessment and approval (on email) and money will be disbursed to his/her account.